For those who have seen both lucifer and The Godfather, this piece is for you. This serves as a contrast between the original and the remake as well as a commentary on the role that common sense plays in rewriting a political story. When writing a cinematic story, fundamental common sense is required. Additionally, when anything is recreated, extra care must be taken to ensure that the adjustments made don't detract from the original's character. There is no requirement that the original script remain unchanged while being recreated. However, the modifications shouldn't negate common sense. The modified version shouldn't be worse than the original, but it should look better.

The movie Godfather is a remake of the popular lucifer in Malayalam. The script and plot of lucifer are extremely clear and devoid of any irrational elements with regard to the political story. The senior party minister was appointed interim chief minister right away when the chief minister passed away. Well, that's the constitution, and unlike in "Godfather," the cm chair cannot be vacant for an extended period of time. In actuality, murali Sharma should be appointed temporary cm right away. But no explanation was offered.

Additionally, the interim chief minister of a state travels all the way to Mumbai's shantytowns to meet with international drug cartel goons who are asking for money. Is this persuading? Can any politician take the risk of jeopardising both his professional and personal lives? If the story is to be believed, a clever network must aggregate the necessary sums without disclosing the direct involvement. In the malayalam translation, the minister avoided participating in this act.

The topic of money then comes up. The vivek oberoi character in the malayalam version requires money to cover election-related expenses. In addition to bringing in Jatin Ramdas, the wife of the deceased CM's son, to become the new cm with the intention of running the show from behind, he also plans to make some fools out the MLAs. It was completely eliminated from The Godfather, which made the story less compelling.

Satyadev needs money to buy the MLAs in The Godfather. So why is it necessary to pay for the party's own MLAs? Are they leaving to join another party after the cm dies? Why is there a need for satyadev to purchase 40 MLAs when there are 140 MLAs who are united and in tact? satyadev is unaware that Godfather is engaging in covert power play at the time of this decision. Everything is ready if satyadev wants nayantara to be the Chief Minister. He won't have to deal with the hassle of buying the MLAs.

I won't get into the details, but there are a lot of fabricated scenarios and distorted elements. Overall, it appears that the script for "Lucifer" was modified to "Godfather" without having a basic understanding of politics. lucifer was just brought for a few skirmishes and get-ups, nothing else. Although it could seem significant to fans, this is actually pretty poorly written stuff.

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