Famous music director lost consciousness..!? Surgery tomorrow...

Famous music composer and actor vijay antony was reported to have had an accident on the set of a movie two days ago, and now he is said to be undergoing surgery. Vijay Antony, who debuted as a music composer in tamil cinema and later became an actor, film host, singer, and producer, is now a versatile talent. He is seriously focusing on acting.
It can be said that his biggest plus is that instead of choosing and acting in the same stories, he shows his different performances in a very realistic way for each film. In that way, his films like 'Thimir Pidithavan', 'Kolaikaran', and 'Pichaikaran' were well-received by the fans and became super hits. Currently, Pichaikaran, which was released in 2016 and was a hit starring Vijay Antony, its second part is in making now. The shooting of this film was going on very briskly in Sri Lanka.

During this accident, an unexpected major accident occurred on the set. It was reported that vijay antony and his co-star were seriously injured in the accident and were taken to Kuala Lumpur by air ambulance. Later they were receiving treatment in Malaysia. Now, vijay antony has been brought to a famous hospital in Chennai, where he is said to have lost consciousness and suffered serious injuries on his face and broken teeth. So it is said that tomorrow he is going to have major surgery. Similarly, there are reports that there is a possibility of plastic surgery on his face as well.

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