The indian film industry is mourning the loss of legendary director K Viswanath, who passed away on february 2. Everyone thinks of the movie Sankarabharanam when they think about K Viswanath, and oddly enough, there is a connection between the movie and his passing.

The renowned filmmaker k viswanath passed suddenly on february 2nd, the day the movie was released. It is both a surprise and a privilege for an artist to die away on a day that is so important to their career since life is full of surprises. The contributions made by k viswanath to telugu cinema will never be forgotten, and his movie "Sankarabharanam" will always have a particular position in telugu cinema history.

The K Viswanath-directed movie "Sankarabharanam" is still regarded as a classic in telugu cinema history. It still has a special place in telugu people's hearts despite being released 43 years ago. Somayazulu plays the lead in the movie, which was well-liked by the public despite the fact that they usually preferred commercial films with star heroes like NTR, ANR, Krishna, and Chiranjeevi. "Sankarabharanam" stood out from other commercial movies since it was based on music and took a different approach. Viswanath's contributions and Sankarabharanam shall live on eternally.

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