In Hyderabad, there was a pre-release screening of kalyan Ram's Amigos. ntr attended the occasion as the principal guest, as was previously announced. ntr addressed the issue of his supporters pressuring the NTR30 crew for updates during the event. He criticised his followers harshly and added, "Fans shouldn't demand updates from any director. Daily updates are impossible to provide. He further stated that a picture would suffer under such pressure.

It appeared like ntr wasn't too pleased with the way his supporters were asking for information on his upcoming, so he took use of this event to give them a lesson. However, ntr must also be aware that it has been more than 18 months since he last worked on a film set. Fans last heard from him in august 2021, while he was filming in ukraine for RRR's last schedule. Fans' need for information regarding his upcoming project is thus very understandable.

NTR also has to realise that a star's true strength comes from their supporters. It is a sign that there is real interest in and buzz for the movie if fans are pressuring the producers. He ought to consider it a great plus. Many tollywood heroes provide frequent updates about their next projects, but nobody is interested in them. Fans are concerned that he is squandering his prime years by not filming any movies during this time. They are concerned about him and his fame. Their achievement is a measure of his success. Therefore, it is important to handle fan pressure in the proper manner.

When ntr responded or rather expressed his fury, it appeared as though he was venting his resentment toward another project participant toward his helpless supporters.

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