Legendary filmmaker SS rajamouli and star actor ram Charan, better known as "Ramaraju," arrived in Beverly Hills, California, over two weeks early. They have been actively promoting the movie's re-release in the USA, which prompted some well-known hollywood media people to pursue Charan for interviews, podcasts, and other appearances. tarak is now in charge.

Jr. NTR's flight to the united states was delayed due to the tragic death of Tarakaratna, and he finally arrived a week ago. Many members of the hollywood media have been vying for interviews with tarak ever since his arrival there because they want to showcase "Bheem" to the locals. His suave persona and rhetorical prowess are on full display when he appears on numerous shows with different hosts and attends several Oscar-related events.

It goes without saying that ram Charan and ntr are utilizing their rrr campaign to the fullest because they are receiving widespread attention. hollywood rumors claim that both of them could soon get a chance to star in a major motion picture because several agencies have been in contact with them about high-profile projects. We need to see, if not their willingness to play leading roles, how much they are willing to play even supporting roles in major hollywood productions.

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