The double digit opening possibility has been a long-standing hurdle for tier 2 heroes. No tier two movie opened at more over Rs 10 crore. When Liger and Uppena reached the high Rs 9 crore barrier but fell short of the Rs 10 crore threshold, they narrowly missed the opportunity. MCA and dear comrade both had strong starts but fell short of the Rs. 10 threshold. dasara now has the fantastic chance to score the opening double-digit score.

Advance reservations for the movie have begun, and they are looking promising. Given that dasara is a mass-market movie, last-minute reservations may be increasing in the mass markets. Additionally, there is the benefit of the Srirama Navami release date. Due to its solo release advantage and the lack of any noteworthy releases before then, dasara has the chance to break the double digit barrier. dasara undoubtedly stands a very good chance of shattering the old barrier. Can the movie really accomplish the task? We'll find out on march 30.

According to the most recent information, the movie successfully completed its censorship procedures and was given a U/A certificate with extensive cuts. The length of the film, 2 hours and 39 minutes, is also disclosed. This is appropriate for a broad appeal entertainment. The promotional material that has already been made public has raised anticipation for the movie.

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