Every prominent hero's film has recently seen an increase in ticket prices in both telugu states. It's understandable to raise ticket costs for pan-India films. However, raising the prices for every star-studded picture is unacceptable. This discourages people from going to the movies. people are already opting to view movies on OTT services. As a result, producers should devise reasonable prices to entice consumers to visit movie theatres. Instead, they are raising prices while paying the same price.

Due to exorbitant ticket prices, films like acharya and sarkaru vaari paata have had low occupancies even on release day. dil Raju, the star producer, may have understood this and is considering instituting standard ticket prices for his upcoming film F3. Because of the recent flops, there has been no enthusiasm around the upcoming film.

F3 is a comic caper directed by anil ravipudi and aimed at a family audience. Keeping ticket prices low encourages people to go to the movies. If the feedback is positive, it also aids the film in gaining repeat viewers. dil raju appears to have made a wise decision. On May 27, f3 will be released worldwide. Venkatesh, varun Tej, Mehreen, and tamannaah starred in the film.

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