The time when the US cinema market was exclusively dominated by mahesh babu and pawan kalyan films is long gone. These days, practically all heroes have movies that are released in the US. But one performer who always outperforms the main heroes' statistics at the US box office is unquestionably Nani. Ante Sundharaniki, his most recent movie, is now his seventh to gross over $1 million in the USA market. Here are his past six movies that were million dollar grossers.

Shyam Singha Roy and Gang Leader, two of Nani's most recent movies, failed to reach the $1 million mark, but by succeeding with Ante Sundharaniki, he was able to shatter the myth that only films with enormous budgets and star heroes are able to gross a million dollars. In comparison to Pawan Kalyan, ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and Prabhas, nani has produced more films worth $1 million. As each has seven films with a budget of $1 million, nani stands alongside NTR. It goes without saying that mahesh babu has the most US one million dollar movie, with 11.

The likelihood that nani will continue producing movies for $1 million clubs is strong, not just because his movies are decent and honest enough, but also because he likes the craze among family audiences everywhere. In order to be accessible for all genre stories and avoid becoming trapped in the so-called commercial movie responsibility that comes with the label of "Star hero," nani probably loves to remain active as an actress. To you, nani, more billions!

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