Predictably, "Krishna Vrinda Vihari" opens. The movie lacks exciting features until a plot twist is revealed. The picture shifts into an entertaining tone just before the intermission as the plot deepens. The central struggle and the twist are reminiscent of Nani's most recent film, "Ante Sundaraniki." Both the movies starring nani and naga Shaurya started filming before COVID-19, however they were only released this year. Despite being a Xerox copy, "Krishna Vrinda Vihari" has more chuckles in the second half.

A significant component of this tale is vennela Kishore. His role is connected to the big twist in the movie, and the 'payoff' works effectively. The movie starts out on a typical tone for a modern story. The scenes that take place in a software firm are, first and foremost, abhorrent. Fighting scenes and workers acting as though they are in a market are unrealistic in a software firm. When the heroine explains her issue, naga Shaurya comes up with an odd justification to marry her, and the narrative really starts going. The following sequences have been effective. The humour is excellent. There are some amusing jokes and some mundane ones.

On the other hand, the movie's climax is way too foreshadowed. The fights shock you. There is nothing tasteful about the Atta-Kodalu drama. The songs ought to have had more hooks. The soundtrack for naga Shaurya's projects is typically given additional attention. But unlike "Choosi Choodangane" in "Chalo," this movie doesn't have a memorable tune. Despite the formulaic plot, "Krishna Vrinda Vihari" generally gives some laughs and enjoyable moments. It is rather standard food.

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