Many telugu actors have a practise of showing how the failure of their most recent work has affected their upcoming endeavours. Particularly, they put a lot of pressure on the directors to change certain sequences and, if feasible, the plot in the hopes that their "recently learned lesson" will now result in a blockbuster. Here is an intriguing tidbit.

Nithin, a talented hero, recently scored a failure with the film macherla Niyojakavargam. The actor's release of the trailer itself set off alarm bells for everyone, so much effort was put into the film's promotion, including stressing the director's political remarks. Finally, the typical masala movie failed to appeal to any audience segment, and nithin is reportedly showing that effect to his upcoming directors.

He already cancelled the movie that was being made with sharwanand and had the Rowdy Fellow director Krishna Chaitanya; the movie's working title was Powerpeta. Additionally, nithin and director Vakkantam vamsi had been filming for a schedule of his upcoming film prior to the release of macherla, but the project is now reportedly over. According to rumours, the hero gave the director some significant script revision requests, and the film won't begin production until the adjustments have been made. nithin is rumoured to have put another project on hold at the same time, one that would have been the official debut of a new dialogue writer. After being shocked by macherla, the actor is now shocking his directors.

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