Though many anticipated that Om Raut's interpretation of the Ramayana would feature a story of Rama and Sita devoid of magical and mythical themes, similar to how the hollywood film "Troy" was produced without any fantastical elements. But in this case, the director purposefully chose to make a fantastical story that we frequently hear about. Such stories, however, need breathtaking visual effects to seem authentic.

While the "Aadipurush" trailer gave Prabhas' supporters goosebumps, moviegoers who were hoping to see something greater from the star hero than Baahubali were unimpressed by the finished product. The entire nation is anticipating similar work from all the major heroes, especially in light of Rajamouli's recent productions, including the visually stunning Baahubali and RRR. Regarding Aadipurush, there are already memes circulating that claim the movie will premiere on cartoon Network but not in theatres.

The visual effects are reminiscent of low-budget video games from a decade ago, from Prabhas' (Rama's) use of an arrow to dispatch those demons in the first scene of the teaser to the Hanuman men who land alongside Lord Rama on the stone bridge while travelling to Lanka, the dragon that saif ali khan (Ravana) rides, to the artificial flower garden surrounding Kriti Sanon (Sita). After spending close to 500 crores, one wonders if prabhas is treating his fans to this inferior product, and they are blaming director Om Raut for his exaggerated boasts and blurry vision.

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