The producers of "Kantara," according to the well-known music group Thaikkudam Bridge from Kerala, stole their song "Navarasam" and called it "Varaha Roopam." They even went to court to ask that the song be taken out of the movie and from YouTube and other streaming services. And now amazon Prime Video has been added to that.

People have been clamouring to watch Kantara since last night, when it became available on amazon Prime. amazon pulled the contentious Varaha Roopam song after realising the significance of the legal action, even though it had been playing for a while. Another music has been inserted there. Varaha Roopam certainly played a significant part as a background score to lure viewers to screens; it is the essence of the movie, even though we can't state that it was the one factor that contributed to Kantara's greatest success.

Thaikkudam Bridge has once again taken to instagram to praise this action from an amazon Prime video and to express their gratitude to their attorneys and a malayalam media outlet for removing the stolen version of Varaha Roopam. Justice Prevails, the band's catchphrase proclaimed. Kantara was written and directed by Rishab Shetty, who also served as the film's star. Ajneesh Loknath provided the soundtrack.

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