Ayushmann Khurrana arrives outside Shahrukh Khan's house as a fan, asks for 'Mannat'

Ayushmann Khurrana is ruling the hearts of fans by doing different genres of films in Bollywood. Now ayushmann khurrana will be seen in his upcoming film 'An Action Hero'. These days Ayushmann is promoting the film 'An Action Hero'. Meanwhile, he has shared a picture on his Instagram. With this, once again Ayushmann has come into the limelight. In this picture, Ayushmann is seen standing outside 'Mannat', the bungalow of bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan.

It is seen in the picture that ayushmann khurrana is standing in the crowd like a fan outside 'Mannat'. Ayushmann shared the moment on Instagram. Along with the picture, he wrote in the caption, 'When I was going through a vow, I asked for a vow.' In this picture, Ayushmann is standing outside the bungalow looking at him. Also, they are seen asking for a vow. Ayushmann has also mentioned his upcoming film 'An Action Hero' with this post.

 Shah Rukh Khan's fans often throng outside his bungalow 'Mannat' to catch a glimpse of the actor. This time ayushman khurana also became a part of it. When Ayushmann reached 'Mannat', the eyes of Shah Rukh Khan's fans shifted away from the bungalow and fixed on the actor. All the fans started taking pictures of Ayushmann. All the users are showering a lot of love on this post Ayushmann.

Users are giving their feedback on this post. One user wrote, 'Sir, there is only one heart, how many times will you win.' At the same time, a user wrote, whose fan I am, he is a fan of Shahrukh. May your vow be fulfilled. Another user wrote, 'Now I have the right reason to become a fan of Shahrukh Khan.' One wrote, 'You have won my heart.'

Talking about Ayushmann Khurrana's upcoming film, he is ready to win the hearts of the fans once again with 'An Action Hero'. The film will hit theaters on december 2, 2022. Currently, Ayushmann is busy promoting the film. Fans on social media are also wishing him all the best for this film.

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