Keerthy Suresh's silent wedding work going on..!?

Actress Keerthy suresh, who has acted in tamil films like Mamannan with stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin and Siren opposite jayam Ravi, is rumored to be getting married soon. Keerthy suresh, the daughter of producer suresh menon - actress Maneka, made her debut as a heroine in the tamil film industry with A.L. Vijay's Ithut Enna Mayam. After that, Keerthy suresh became popular by acting with leading actors like Bhairava with Vijay, dhanush with Vikram, Sammy 2 with Vikram, Annatthhe with Rajini. If Keerthy suresh, who was constantly acting in commercial films in the early period, became a turning point, it was Mahanadi. Keerthy suresh played the role of savitri in the film based on the life of actress Savitri. Keerthy won the National Award for Best Actress for this film.Recently, the films released by actress Keerthy suresh have been facing failure one after the other. However, due to his acting skills, she continues to get film opportunities. Currently, she has films like Bhola shankar and dasara in telugu and Sairan and Mamannan in Tamil. In this situation, it is reported that actress Keerthy suresh is going to get married soon. It is said that her family has already found a groom and Keerthy suresh has also agreed to the marriage. Because of this, keerthi suresh recently visited their ancestral temple near tirunelveli with his family.It is said that she has reduced her acting in films now that she has said OK to marriage. According to reports, Keerthy suresh is planning to finish the films at hand and focus on film production after marriage. But from actress Keerthy Suresh's side, no information about this has been released.

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