Madonna anupama parameswaran will be replaced by Sebastian. In "Premam," both women made their telugu film debuts. And currently, one is replacing the other. The focus is on "DJ Tillu 2." The actors siddhu Jonnalagadda and anupama parameswaran compelled the producers to make these adjustments. Production on the movie was put on hold because both actors are adamant in their demands. Finally, Madonna will intervene.

According to reports, Madonna agreed to star in the movie after receiving two telugu proposals from the production group. She agreed to participate in "DJ Tillu 2" as a thank you gift. She signed "Shyam Singha Roy" when the production company was the original producer and made her telugu acting debut in "Premam," which was produced by sithara Entertainments. Despite leaving "Shyam Singha Roy," sithara kept on working on the project. When she needed work, she now has a third telugu offer.

The forthcoming dj Tillu sequel, Tillu Square, directed by siddhu Jonnalagadda, is still having issues with its leading actress. The female protagonist was originally going to be played by Sreeleela, but she dropped out of the movie due to disagreements with the creative team over a wardrobe, thus anupama parameswaran was brought on. Anupama also left the movie after a contentious fight with siddhu about a date, a reliable source claims. When the producers asked Anupama to accommodate a month-long call sheet to finish filming the majority of the movie, trouble started to arise.

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