A close buddy of the Mythri producers named Satish Kilaru is now working as a producer full-time. He is producing a movie starring ram Charan and "Uppena" Butchibabu. The announcement is scheduled for this Wednesday, and we have been the only ones to reveal it. The project will have the sukumar Writings banner, however Satish Kilaru is the project's only and overall producer. There are a number of suspicions raised here. 

Perhaps something took place between ram Charan and Mythri? If Waltair Veerayya had continued, what else might have happened between megastar and Mythri? Because the filmmaker who secured the script under the Mythri brand is the source of the story. ram Charan, however, seems to have refused on performing it for any other producer but Mythri. 

Later on, however, it was also reported that ram Charan had been given permission to include sukumar Writings and the Mythri banner in the project solely for symbolic purposes. The story that was supposed to be told with ntr in Vijayanagaram's Kabaddi setting is now being told with ram Charan. It is already known that Mega Powerstar and Uppena star Buchibabu sana are collaborating on a major project. Today in Hyderabad, there will be a formal puja to introduce the movie.

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