The obvious absence of Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the Jana Sena Party, at the wedding of popular comedian Ali's daughter on tuesday sparked a heated discussion on social media. According to some social media users, ali did not invite Pawan to the wedding because of the growing distance between them after the comedian joined the ysr congress party and is now the jagan Mohan reddy administration's counsellor on electronic media matters.

According to these passages, there are no records or images of ali visiting pawan kalyan to offer an invitation for his daughter's wedding. "At least a tweet or a photo regarding Ali's invitation to pawan kalyan would have appeared in social media. That is the reason he might not have left, a source claimed. However, another segment of social media claims that ali is not such a narrow-minded individual to have avoided pawan kalyan simply because they are members of opposing political parties. In order to bless the couple, he invited chiranjeevi and other mega family members, such as allu arjun and Ramcharan, to the event. Why would ali stay away from just Pawan Kalyan? a second source enquired.

In fact, there were social media comments ridiculing pawan kalyan for missing ali daughter's wedding due to political tensions. But no one is aware of the cause. The power star and ali have a long history together. In fact, he feels strongly about the comedian and has acknowledged that ali was a success in every one of his films in which he appeared. Even ali expressed a strong affinity for pawan kalyan and expressed a desire to collaborate with the actor on a programme for his "Ali Tho Saradagaa" television show. Even after becoming a member of the YSRC, ali remained silent about Pawan Kalyan.

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