Nadav Lapid apologizes after the ruckus on 'Kashmir files', but vivek Agnihotri...

Israeli filmmaker and IFFI jury head Nadav Lapid recently made a controversial statement on 'The kashmir files' during the event, after which the filmmaker has been facing constant criticism on social media. Was, after which he apologized, but vivek Agnihotri….

Nadav Lapid Apologizes Jury head and Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid of the 53rd international Film festival of india (IFFI) recently held in Goa, hindi filmmaker vivek Agnihotri's superhit film 'The kashmir Files' during the event. Gave a controversial statement regarding (The kashmir files). Not only this, but the filmmaker also claimed that the film was included in the festival due to political pressure. Along with the star cast of the film, director vivek also took a dig at him for his controversial statements. Not only this, Nadav had to face haters continuously on social media. In such a situation, seeing the ruckus increasing, he took a U-turn and also apologized for his actions.

During one of his recent interviews, Nadav Lapid Apologies has apologized for his statements. He said in the interview that 'he did not want to insult anyone. Apologizing, he said that 'I did not want to insult anyone. It was never my intention to insult people or their relatives who are victims. I sincerely apologize. Along with the film, the country was also targeted, however, Nadav had called the film 'vulgar' while targeting 'Nadav Lapid on The kashmir files' during the event of IFFI. Not only this, but he also targeted india along with this film. He had said that 'countries where the ability to speak the truth is dying. There is a need to speak ', after which he was criticized a lot.

Vivek did not accept the apology and Nadav while returning to the airport after the closing ceremony of IFFI, had said that 'he was scared the whole day after making the statement about the film'. However, Nadav has now left India. However, the film's director vivek Agnihotri on Nadav Lapid did not accept his apology. At the same time, he has taunted the foreign filmmaker.

'This is not an apology..' vivek said 'he does not care what Nadav says and does not say now. He says that he has come to pune to shoot and he is getting a lot of love for the film. people are thanking him for making the film. So they don't need an endorsement from any foreigner, because they don't know anything about this country.

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