Rana Daggubati, an actor, criticised indigo on Sunday, calling it the worst airline experience he has ever had. The tollywood actor expressed his distress on social media by writing: "The worst airline experience ever in india is @IndiGo6E! Lack of knowledge of flying times Lost luggage not being tracked... staff clueless? Can things get any worse?" When the actor of "Baahubali" fame and his family were travelling to Bengaluru from Hyderabad's rajiv gandhi International Airport, he reportedly had a painful experience.

Daggubati and the others were instructed to board a different plane after learning that the flight was delayed owing to a technical issue. Additionally, they were informed that their luggage would be transported on the same plane. But when the actor arrived at Bengaluru Airport, he was unable to find his luggage, and when he asked airline workers, they seemed to have no idea, either. Additionally, Daggubati ridiculed the airline's promotional tweets in a few of his brief replies. 

On one of the advertisements with the slogan "paradise found," he wrote, "More paradise lost than found." On a different tweet from indigo, it said "the actor said, "Maybe engineers are good, staff is clueless!! Our engineers who assure safe & hassle-free flights daily and non-stop are good," You might need to act appropriately." Daggubati didn't stop there; he also offered his opinion on the airline's winter sale promotion. The actor warned, "Note with this sale flights might not land or take off on anytime schedule!! - they won't know where your luggage is."

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