Sujeeth's 2019 film saaho starring prabhas received poor reviews and received harsh criticism for its hurried climax, illogical screenplay, and Prabhas's appearance. However, three years after its debut, it is currently trending on social media, all owing to pawan kalyan fans. Following the news of Pawan Kalyan's movie with Sujeeth, saaho was suddenly hailed as a cult classic by pawan kalyan fans. All of a sudden, they are praising Sujeeth's work as a director for his skill in creating some amazing action scenes.

Sujeeth is also noted for having great musical taste. He is being extolled to the heavens as if he were another Michael Bay or john Woo. Even sujeeth will be taken aback to read such complimentary remarks about his work in Saaho. This merely demonstrates how sentimental, feeble, and exposed fans are. They set up their minds to think like their idol thinks. They convince themselves to believe what they want to.

Actually, given the saaho debacle, any fandom would be terrified if their favourite celebrity announced their project with Sujeeth. However, fans of pawan kalyan are happy that their hero will work with sujeeth on his upcoming film. We will see if sujeeth can deliver what pawan kalyan fans want to see from him after seeing his talent in Run raja Run.

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