Young and talented hero Adivi Sesh's latest action thriller 'Hit 2' has been re-released and is running with good talk at the box office. Made as a murder mystery investigative thriller, this movie released on friday and got good talk. Since the movie was liked by the audience, the movie is going crazy at the box office all over the world right from the first show. Apart from the audience as well as the industry circles, the movie team hero adivi sesh is showering praises.

It is known that hero Mahesh tweeted on the day of the release of the film, encouraging Adivi Sesh. But recently senior hero Nandamuri balakrishna watched this movie with his son Mokshajna. balayya specially congratulated the film team after the show. hero adivi sesh shared the photos of Balayya's happy moments with the team of 'Hit 2' with his fans through social media.  

Adivi Sesh said on twitter that Balakrishnagari liked Hit 2 very much and that director Shailesh Kolanu Vijan appreciated my performance and asked balayya to appear in the hit movie. But balayya did not say yes when asked by Adivi Sesh. It seems that he smiled without even saying no. Is balayya willing to enter the hit world? The discussion started. balayya fans are saying that they want to see if balayya enters the 'hit' world.    

Whenever you see balayya being jovial with everyone on the 'Unstoppable' talk show, and teasing the people who were invited to the show by doing comedy, comments are heard saying that balayya has completely changed after 'Hit 4'. Some people are commenting that Balayya's 'Hit 4' is not too silly. And to know what is in Balayya's mind, we have to wait for a few more days.

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