Rajinikanth, the superstar, is revered, particularly in the South. His attorney, S. Elambharathi, has since issued a public notice threatening legal action in both civil and criminal courts against anyone found guilty of violating the actor's celebrity or personality rights by using his name, appearance, voice, or other distinctive features without authorization.

According to the notice, Rajinikanth has celebrity rights over all elements of his personality because he is a well-known figure. It also states that the performer is the only one with control over how his name, voice, appearance, etc. are used for commercial purposes. Several platforms, media, and product manufacturers are misappropriating Rajinikanth's name, voice, photograph, caricature image, artistic image, AI generated image, etc. to gain popularity with the general public and persuade them to buy their goods or use their platforms, it was further noted in the report. Unauthorized use of Rajinikanth's name, likeness, voice, etc. is likely to mislead and confuse the public, according to the notification.

"Millions of his followers all over the world refer to him as a 'Superstar' due to his charisma and personality as an actor and a person. His fan base's size alone and the respect he enjoys inside the film business are unrivalled and undeniable. Any harm to his reputation or personal life would be a major loss for our client, the notification stated.

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