The "Most Eligible Bachelor" at the moment at the mega complex is varun Tej. He is prepared to get married. Recently, only his father naga Babu made this revelation. When asked about Varun's wedding during a media event, naga Babu acknowledged that the event will happen shortly. naga Babu promised not to share any information about the bride, though. varun Tej would reveal his life partner's specifics, he claimed. 

Naga Babu claimed to offer his kids total independence and to strongly believe in their being able to make their own decisions. varun Tej, he claimed, is residing separately in a different home, but they are all still one. naga Babu is renowned for being direct in what he says. Similar remarks on the impending nuptials of his daughter niharika konidela had already been made by naga Babu, and the wedding announcement quickly followed his remarks. 

Mega fans now anticipate varun Tej doing a comparable success. There is widespread rumour that varun Tej has already found his soul mate and that the announcement will happen soon. Varun's romantic life has been the subject of persistent rumours for some time. It's rumoured that varun Tej would walk down the aisle with his co-star if they were in a relationship. However, both later dismissed these as rumours. The news of varun Tej's wedding gained significance in the middle of this. We must identify the bride-to-be.

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