When Satya (Anikha Surendran) unintentionally phones Murali's (Surya Vasishta) unknown number, her life is forever altered. Through phone discussions, they quickly grow to like one another and eventually decide to meet. What transpires when satya misplaces her phone while waiting for a bus to meet Murali? The main premise of the film revolves around RK (Arjun Das), who he is, and how he fits into satya and Murali's story.

In the film, Anikha Surendran, surya Vasishta, and arjun Das portray the three lead parts. Others play supporting roles, but they are important to the story from beginning to conclusion. The movie's heroine, Anikha Surendran, earlier made her acting debut. Although she appears to be in the tenth grade, she is suitable for the role given that it takes a certain amount of vulnerability to make a few things plausible. Given her appearance, it comes easy to her, yet one can't help but feel uncomfortable when seeing a young actress in a leading role.

Actor surya Vasishta portrays a car driver wearing two shades. In the crucial moment, the performer effectively conveys the variation. It takes some time to get used to him, but things do calm down gradually. And finally, Butta Bomma marks arjun Das' telugu film debut. Given his reputation for playing the bad guy with an aggressive attitude, the role is perfect for him. His loud base voice and affable demeanour initially make telugu a challenge, though. But like Vasishta, we quickly adjust to it. arjun Das effectively and sincerely conveys the necessary portion.

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