Ashok Galla, the nephew of actor Mahesh Babu, is about to start production on his second film after making his acting debut in Hero. The story for this film comes from prasanth Varma, who is renowned for writing innovative scripts. The concept for #AshokGalla2 will likewise be distinctive. arjun Jandyala, who made his directing debut with Guna 369, will serve as the film's director. 

The film's launch event was held today, and Somineni balakrishna will finance it under the Lalithambika Productions label. Regarding the technical team, Burra Sai madhav will give the dialogues, while Bheems Ceciroleo, prasad Murella, and Tammiraju will manage the music, camera, and editing departments, respectively. Soon, the movie will begin to play. We'll reveal the heroine and more information later.

The movie will be directed by Guna 369's arjun Jandyala and produced by S balakrishna under the Lalithambika Productions label. Today's grand opening of the movie was held. Bheems Ceciroleo will provide the soundtrack for ashok Galla's upcoming movie, and prasad Murella will operate the camera. Burra Sai Madhav's written lines for the film will be edited by Tammiraju. The heroine and additional information will shortly be revealed by the filmmakers. Soon, #AshokGalla2 will begin its regular shot.

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