Goldmines, a well-known dubbing film buyer and producer, stunned everyone by announcing that they would be releasing the original 'Ala. Vaikunthapurramuloo's hindi version in theatres just as "Shehzada" was about to be released. The theatrical release was then postponed, but they also announced that a YouTube version will be available on february 2nd. Eventually, that was also cancelled.

According to rumours, the producers of Shehzada, in which karthik Aryan and kriti sanon played allu arjun and pooja hegde again, spoke with Goldmines Films and as a result, this. However, some insiders have indicated that allu arjun is actually the one who has taken complete charge of the issue. Since they also launched his pushpa movie, Goldmines and this hero have a wonderful relationship. Even though Mythri had already sold Goldmines the dubbing rights during that time, the bollywood producer consented to screen the pushpa hindi version in theatres.

Allu arjun is alleged to have become close to them since then. allu arjun is claimed to have chosen to get directly involved because his father Allu Arvind, his other producer S Radha Krishna, and karthik Aryan are all co-producers and shareholders in the movie. Because the possibilities of the remake movie would undoubtedly be impacted by the release of the Hindi-dubbed version of the original.

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