writer Padmabhushan, Suhas' wholesome family film, received overwhelmingly great reviews from all quarters and is now doing well at the box office. The movie made $5 Cr+ in its first weekend of release, which is impressive for a small-budget film. It was also Suhas's first theatrical release. On the other hand, the film made over 200k abroad.

The cost of print and publicity is included in the total investment of 4 Cr. Prior to the film's premiere, Zee purchased the wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital rights, including satellite rights, for a sum that made the producers profitable. remake rights are also a subject of discussion. Trade analysts predict that writer Padmabhushan will have a long run, and the film's producers produced it deftly by releasing it on a commission basis. Overall, the movie nets them enormous sums of money.

Writer Padmabhushan, a recently released family film starring actor Suhas, had a strong opening weekend both in telugu states and the USA. The movie, which was produced on a shoestring budget of just Rs 4 crore, opened to universally positive reviews upon its premiere and is now proving to be very successful for its creators. Even the well-planned and vigorous promotional campaign has improved the movie's chances at the box office.

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