One of Tollywood's most renowned producers is dil Raju. When it comes to picking his projects, he is regarded as having the Midas touch. He always maintains his films' budgets under control without going crazy, which contributes to their success. After a respectable theatrical run, his most recent movie, Varisu, is currently frequently viewed on OTT platforms. Many people are upset since dil raju once again displayed his penchant for saving money when it came to making the movie. Many of the sequences were filmed against a green mat, and it is simple to spot the shoddy VFX work.

The following ram charan film, under Shankar's direction, is produced by dil Raju. Fans of Charan are wondering if dil raju has spent enough to realise Shankar's vision or if he has again set financial restrictions. After RRR, ram charan became a larger star, and his followers now anticipate high-caliber production standards in his movies. Additionally, it makes sense for fans to anticipate some never-before-seen technical marvels in the movie if shankar is the filmmaker.

However, they are concerned that dil raju would once more be a jerk and fail to give shankar enough funding. They fear that dil raju would once more pressure shankar to close up the film the same way he did with Varisu.

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