Even when he becomes more irate with his fans or anyone else for that matter, Global Star Jr. ntr is always at his wittiest best. As his fans wanted an update on #NTR30 last night at the pre-release event for Vishwaksen's Dhamki, which the rrr star attended as a Chief Guest, the actor once again forewarned them.

"I'm not doing that film, if you approach me for an update again. Jr. ntr spoke with a firm tone, sounding a lot like Pawan Kalyan, and added, "If you still ask, then I will also stop shooting movies. "I can't stop doing movies, as you know," he continued. And I can guarantee that you won't let me stop making movies. Nevertheless, don't keep requesting updates. Will shortly begin.

Well, earlier, during the Amigos pre-release event, ntr made stern remarks and cautioned his supporters against inquiring about the #NTR30 updates. He said at the time that his producers and directors were working hard to provide them with intriguing updates, and that the fans would just have to wait. Speaking passionately at a Dhamki pre-release event, ntr praised telugu people and telugu media for their oscar journey and said that witnessing two indians, especially two telugu persons, on the live-stage of the Oscars filled him with pleasure. These two indians were keeravani and Chandrabose.

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