The prerelease ceremony for Das Ka Dhamki by Vishwak Sen took place last night as the film prepares to be released on march 22. In an exclusive conversation, Vishwak Sen discussed rumours that Das Ka Dhamki and Raviteja's most recent movie, Dhamaka, have certain similarities. Upon disclosing his dual part in the movie, Vishwak Sen made it clear that it is not Dhamaka. Although it plays a dual role, Vishwak Sen emphasised that there is no bluffing involved, unlike in Raviteja's Dhamaka.

People are not fools, Vishwak added, to buy a story that is already the subject of a movie. He scoffed at the rumour. Vishwak asserts that Das Ka Dhamki is not at all comparable to Dhamaka, despite the fact that it is written by the same author. The Das Ka Dhamki actor claims that the reason the release date was pushed back from february to march was due to CG production delays and that this has nothing to do with the aforementioned speculations about related storylines.

NTR remarked, "I hope Vishwak will change his course. Many aspiring young directors would like to work with kids just like you. telugu cinema is in its golden era. We ought to support such skill. I hope, this will be his last directorial movie. Vishwak claimed to have spent all of his money on this film. How fervently he feels. We ought to support folks with such a passion. I predicted Padipoyinde Pilla would be a great hit when I first heard it, and I told Vishwak that. I also send my warmest wishes to the entire team.

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