First Michael and now Kabzaa, have been flops and the bonding between these failures is both of them tried to emulate KGF. There's only one rocky Bhai and he's one and only piece. "Kabzaa" aims to replicate the hit movie "KGF" from beginning to end, but in the process, it turns into a parody. While "Kabzaa" takes place in the 1970s in the made-up city of Amarapura, Prashanth Neel's "KGF" setting provides a strong narrative framework.

Similar to "KGF," the protagonist develops into a powerful don, and other city's mafia bosses swear to murder him. The protagonist rocky Bhai in "KGF" receives the order to assassinate him from a prime minister who takes after Indira Gandhi. Here, a minister by the name of Pandit sends a cannon-equipped police squad and orders the man's murder. Despite the fact that the movie is set in 1975, the cops show up with firangis (cannon guns), which appears absurd.

We witness upendra becoming the target of some don every ten minutes or so, and of course, he kills them, typically by beheading them. When he's not walking around with the heads of beheaded guys or guns in his hands, he smokes cigarettes and does slow-motion antics. The people that come out to kill him are all dead in a matter of minutes, and the charade keeps going. "Kabzaa" proves to be an ineffective exercise and a disaster in its attempt to be a sequel to "KGF."

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