MM keeravani, who composed the music for Naatu Naatu from RRR, received an Oscar. He and the song's lyricist chandrabose both just earned the oscar Award. This amazing achievement is being celebrated around the nation. The family of filmmaker rajamouli and keeravani are currently in the highest of spirits. shiva shakti Datta, Keeravani's father and a well-known author, is delighted by this achievement as well. He is pleased with his son's accomplishment. He also said that he doesn't like Naatu Naatu at the same time.

Shiva shakti Datta stated that keeravani is his heart and soul in a recent interview. When he was just three years old, I forced him to take music lessons. I'm always in awe of his extraordinary talent. Yet, I wasn't a fan of Naatu Naatu in RRR. Even so, is that a song? What happened to the music? Fate is incredibly erratic. This song earned respect to Keeravani's talent. But it isn't a better song than Chandrabose's 5000 songs, and Keeravani's music isn't the best of her career either," he said.

Yet I must acknowledge prem Rakshit's superb choreography. Even ram charan and Jr. ntr did that song complete justice. The success of this song was greatly influenced by their efforts as well, shiva shakti Dutta continued.

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