Unquestionably, rrr is among the greatest films ever produced in India. In numerous ways, it gave our national pride. It received numerous international awards and raised the bar for later indian movies. The main protagonists, Jr. ntr and ram Charan, became international stars as a result. Many directors can only dream of the heights that the movie's director, SS Rajamouli, attained. A movie with so many successes has been out for a year.

Release Day for rrr was march 25, 2022. Following its debut, it received favorable word-of-mouth and began setting records at the box office. It was the third indian movie to earn $1 billion worldwide. In Japan, where it is still playing well, it became the highest-grossing indian movie ever. Western audiences and hollywood types adored rrr a lot. Rajamouli's work was admired by renowned directors like james cameron and Steven Spielberg. rrr also received other honors, including as the New York Film Critics' Choice Award for Best director and the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The hashtag #1YearOfHistoricalRRR is trending as fans mark the occasion. RRR's official social media account posted a unique poster along with the message, "It's been a year since the debut of the #RRRMovie, and it is still playing in theatres all over the world to packed houses. We can't express our gratitude to you all enough for the love you have shown us throughout; this feeling is greater than any award.

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