With their respective films dasara and Ravanasura hitting theatres one week apart, nani and ravi teja will compete at the box office. Ravanasura will be released on april 7th, while dasara will be released on the 30th of this month. Together, the two actors shared their experiences working in the film industry in addition to promoting their own films. ravi teja admits that throughout the beginning of his career, he was turned down quite a few times.

"Krishna vamsi offered me my first opportunity in Ninne Pelladutha before casting me in one of the key roles for Sindhooram. Initially, Brahmaji's character is the focus of the entire narrative. However, I was given more characters to add some humour. Interesting disclosure from nani was that he, too, wandered around numerous workplaces in an effort to try his luck as an actor. "I stopped acting in a hopeless circumstance. But it's a privilege for me to collaborate with bapu garu on my debut film as a director.

Ravi teja claims that Ravanasura will be a very significant movie in his career. "I'm extremely happy with the movie." In the film dasara, nani will be heard using real rural telangana vernacular. Rikkanth is a stickler for detail who disapproves of even minor errors. Together, ravi teja and nani decided to produce a multi-starrer under their respective brands, RT Teamworks and Wall poster Cinema.

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