Cricket competitions with renowned hollywood and sports fans formerly flocked to see hollywood stars. Even well-known actors like chiranjeevi and balakrishna have participated in charity competitions like this in the past. These matches' old video clips occasionally appear on social media. In 2003, we had the Celebrity cricket League, which was modelled after the IPL and featured teams from various film industries. 

But as a result of the IPL and international cricket as well as the famous players' absence, the model eventually became overexposed to the sport. The event for this year is already under way and has advanced to the semifinal round. However, it is obvious that there is a dearth of support from sports fans for the tournament. For CCL, neither the sport nor the star value are producing results. 

There isn't a face on the telugu Warriors team who can draw spectators to the competition. Stars don't want to be associated with a league that doesn't have a strong brand. The team only has akhil, whose performance in the movies is hurting the league. Fans are under enormous pressure to cease frivolous contests like these and focus on movies, even for Akhil. While competing in the competition, akhil placed his agent on hold. Every team in the league is currently dealing with a similar predicament. Next year, the value of rights will decrease even further. As a result, the owners and organisers suffer significant losses.

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