Even though everyone is praising and anticipating telugu movies, certain celebrities disagree. Some telugu celebrities continue to view the regional market differently than they do other markets, particularly when it comes to fashion taste. samantha Ruth Prabhu, a game-changing celebrity, also maintains her fashion sense with a conservative approach here and glam-dam for Mumbai. Look at this.

Shaakuntalam, Samantha's movie, is currently receiving intense promotion ahead of its april 14 release. Although she conducted a few interviews with suma for the telugu audience and published them, for mumbai residents, she is interacting with different media professionals and giving her insights. The main distinction is that while samantha is advertising the movie in hyderabad wearing modest and lovely saree looks, in mumbai she is donning more vibrant western attire and portraying a sexier persona. Why the difference, one wonders.

The actress appears stunning in each attire, but it must have taken some thought to giving the telugu promotions a pure non-glam look and the mumbai advertising a trendy touch. I hope the actress also shares that little-known fact. The actress currently works for CITADEL web series and already the hollywood series is streaming from april 28th.

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