Bholaa, an ajay devgn film that debuted on march 30, saw a significant decline in sales on Day 2. On Day 3, april 1, it made up the difference with a strong saturday haul, though. The revenue was the greatest of the three days because it brought in about Rs 12 crore in a single day, bringing the overall amount to about Rs 30 crore. The movie is also produced by ajay Devgn. Bholaa, which also features Tabu, had a strong debut weekend with roughly Rs 11.20 crore.

Both the crowd and the critics responded favorably to Bholaa's march 30 premiere. On the day of its debut, the movie brought in Rs 11.20 crore. Day 3, april 1, saw even higher box office receipts for the movie. Early accounts claim it made Rs 12 crore in a single day. As a result, the entire amount collected is now Rs 30.60 crore. On saturday, Bholaa had a total hindi occupancy rate of 18.36%.

"Bholaa made good gains on saturday as collections will come in the same range as day one with around 10-11 crore nett," claims box office India. While many multiplexes in major cities are doing better than on the first day, collections at locations where the vacation was well-utilized won't be as high. The increase should be between 50 and 60%, which is favorable, and the first three days' collections totaled a respectable 27 crore nett or more. The film has received decent reviews at the box office, as was already stated, but Ramadan has hit the mass markets hard, making sunday a crucial day for the movie.

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