Over the next two years, a lot of highly anticipated films will be released. rrr and Baahubali have achieved a level of greatness that no other telugu film before them has. What film, however, has the potential to surpass those two monumental successes? Actor-producer rana daggubati recently discussed the film he is most eagerly anticipating at a discussion at the india Today conference.

We totally appreciate each other's cinemas, adds Rana. The movie Project K, which stars Prabhas, amitabh bachchan, and deepika Padukone, is now in production and will be directed by Nag Aswin. We are eagerly anticipating it since it has the potential to push the envelope further than rrr and Baahubali have done so far. That telugu movie will be seen all over the world.

Project K has a lot bigger potential than it appears since rana, who paved the way for many telugu actors and was a Pan india star before any other South actor, calls it a worldwide film. Therefore, Project K will succeed spectacularly on a global scale, not pushpa 2 or Salaar or any other film, according to Rana. Check it out in the above tweet!

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