Now it has been reported that a prominent celebrity has left the recently launched Eastern Vaasal serial on Vijay TV. In recent times, serials, like movies, have become more popular among housewives and youngsters. Just as film actors have fans, serial celebrities are also celebrated by fans, so many people are constantly showing interest in acting in serials based on different storylines. In that way, the second part of the super hit serial 'Bharti Kannamma', which ended last year, fared badly in the TRP, and the serial was abruptly stopped and 'Kishaku Vasal' starring Vijay's father SA chandrasekhar and produced by Radhika. The serial is currently telecasting on Vijay TV.

 Reshma Muralitharan, who is popular with Zee tamil Televisions, will play the female lead in this serial, paired with Pandyan Stores venkat Ranganathan. Also Janaki Suresh, Ashwini, sindhu Shyam and many others are playing the lead roles. It is said that NM Manoj Kumar, who was directing this serial, has left this serial, and ravi Pandian is going to direct this serial in his place. It is noteworthy that this sudden change is unexpected from celebrities to fans. The serial is currently telecasting on Vijay TV.

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