Bigg Boss fame Nivedita Gowda danced cutely in a mini dress, netizens took the actress to task by bringing up the issue of Cauvery water. Nivedita Gowda who came to limelight through tik tok is known as Sandalwood Doll. After becoming a contestant in the fifth season of kannada bigg boss, his fame increased. It has been two years since Nivedita got married to music director Chandan Shetty, whom she met in the bigg boss house. First, Chandan Shetty prepared and composed a song for Nivedita. The intimacy in the bigg boss house grew into love and Chandan Shetty proposed to Nivedita at yuva Dussehra 2019. Nivedita has been getting trolled ever since. Because Sakat was trolled for proposing in a program organized by the government. Then on february 26, 2020, Chandan Shetty and Nivedita got married. Now the actress is very active on social media.

The number of fans has increased due to her beauty. For this reason, he uploads at least four or five videos a week on Instagram. Fans are eagerly waiting for her videos and photos, which are also called Barbie Doll by her fans. No matter what she wears, she looks so cute that she gets a lot of comments. Along with that comes the same number of trolls. Nivedita continues to share many videos without giving up to trolls. There will be a barrage of comments for and against this. Despite the comments, only the actress is very active on social media. Now the fight for Cauvery has started in Bangalore. Bengaluru bandh today, karnataka bandh next friday for the same reason. people have taken to the streets to condemn the government's decision to release Cauvery water to tamil Nadu as they fear that there will be a further struggle for drinking water. While the fight is brewing, the actress is wooing the boys by swaying her hips to a song. In the past, when you made reels for a hindi song like this, fans asked whether your husband's kannada song could be included. But now this dance done by Chaddi Thottu has further angered the fans.

When the whole state is fighting for drinking water, some people have criticized the actress saying, "Are you showing your cheddi and dancing?" While some people think that heart emoji is cute, others are questioning if there are other steps apart from this step. Even though she is married, she has no forehead, no tali, no anklets, tho, you are a threat to our culture. Nivedita, who did not lose her head even though the fan had scolded the actress in the past, has now appeared again in the same style and has angered people.

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