At least 10 posters related to prabhas were released from the Salaar movie which cost up to 300 crores. No need to talk about the teaser. prabhas released a teaser for the first time without showing his face and gave the trollers a chance. Now after the release of that teaser, trollers are hurting prabhas fans in a range.  At least in the trailer, comments were asking whether Prabhas' face would be shown or not. Even here the director gave a shock to the fans who thought that this should not happen.

After half of the trailer, prabhas showed his face. That too is nothing short of satisfying. But will prabhas be fully shown in the film now? Otherwise, there are comments that they will show half and half. Confusion is arising as to what are the reasons for not showing the original prabhas in a completely perfect manner. Is prabhas not able to like the look? Or is the director doing this sort of experiment to lower expectations? 

Otherwise, there are doubts about whether they are experimenting in a different way that prabhas should be seen in the theatre without highlighting the scenes too much. In addition to these, comments are also coming that this movie is almost similar to KGF. But a talk was heard that another trailer related to Salaar should also be released. 

There are also whispers that Prabhas's character is being prepared in such a way as to be highlighted. It is not known how true this is, but if it is true, then the film has the potential to be a plus. It will be very good for the movie openings if another trailer is released in which the prabhas cut out connects to the audience as much as possible. 

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