Vinod raj shed tears remembering his mother's illness near cm Siddaramaiah. 'I never admitted my mother to my hospital. But, now it is necessary to take care of it'' he said. cm Siddaramaiah visited ailing veteran actress Leelavati and inquired about her illness. Siddaramaiah, who visited Leelavati's residence in Soladeva village of Nelamangala, met her there. cm Siddaramaiah was received by Leelavati's son Vinod Raj. Siddaramaiah inquired about Lilavati's illness from son Vinod raj and got information.

At this time, Vinod raj was in tears remembering his mother's health. I never admitted my mother to my hospital. But, now it was necessary to take care of it. He was taking this and that treatment at home. But this time I had to take him to the hospital. '87-year-old Lilavati is ailing. Recently, Siva Rajkumar met actress Lilavati, who is suffering from an age-related disease, and inquired about her handicrafts. Speaking to the media, cm Siddaramaiah said, I had come to Nelamangala to inquire about Leelavati's health. Leelavati visited me when there was this land issue. Veteran actress Leelavati is an original artiste. I have seen many movies of Leelavati.

Leelavati is a rare actress and true artist in Kannada. If he is admitted to the hospital, we will take care of all the expenses. cm Siddaramaiah has promised that if any help is needed from the government, we will provide it. All in all, veteran kannada actress Leelavati is likely to be hospitalized due to illness.

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