Animal: Ranbir's reel sister Saloni Batra called the actor's character toxic, saying- 'Being a woman...'

Bollywood superstar ranbir kapoor starrer Animal has captured the box office. The film has broken records within a few days of its release. Almost everyone is praising Ranbir's strong performance in the film. At the same time, many people are criticizing the actor's character. Actress Saloni Batra, who plays his elder sister in the film, has shared her opinion on this matter in a recent conversation.

Saloni Batra has shared her opinion about Ranbir Kapoor's character in a conversation. Ranbir played the role of Saloni's younger brother in Animal. Saloni said that she is a facilitator and as an actor, it is her job to facilitate what an artiste wants to bring out.

The actress said, 'The makers have a vision about this character. This character is quite toxic in the way he talks and behaves. But the story is about him and sandeep sir has chosen to tell his story in his way. As an audience, it is our responsibility to see and decide what is right and what is wrong.

The actress, who played Ranbir's elder sister in Animal, further said, 'If a character on tv is shooting a gun in college, it does not mean that it is right. Ranbir's character is not one from which people should take inspiration or learn a thing or two. He said that this is just an artist's approach to entertainment.

Saloni Batra said, 'The character is true but as I said it is your responsibility as an audience not to take it home. You come to the theatre and entertain yourself and that is the job of cinema. You don't need to learn anything from this. You don't need to take it back home and tell people that it's okay to say things like that to women. Being a woman, I would feel bad if someone did this to me in real life. But Animal is a story. The director is not a teacher. He is an entertainer.

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