The much-anticipated movie "Family Star," produced by dil raju and directed by parasuram, featuring Vijay devarakonda and Mrinal Thakur, has faced a postponement but has now secured a confirmed release date of april 5. dil Raju, the producer, is strategically planning promotional activities to capitalize on the heightened expectations surrounding the film.

Despite the relatively short timeframe of about five weeks until the release, the shooting is still underway, with plans to conclude within the next week or ten days. To maximize the film's reach and connect with a broader audience, the unit members emphasize the importance of extensive promotional programs. director parasuram is actively working to expedite the shooting process, ensuring that the film can be effectively promoted in the lead-up to its release. 

Dil Raju, known for his meticulous planning, is orchestrating a collaborative effort within the team to devise comprehensive promotional strategies. While facing minimal competition during the release window, there is a keen awareness within the production team about the need for special attention in promotional activities to ensure the film shines brightly in the spotlight. 

The careful planning and coordinated efforts of both parasuram and dil raju indicate a commitment to making "Family Star" a success not just in terms of its cinematic qualities but also in its promotion and reception among the audience. As the film gears up for release, the team is dedicated to creating a buzz that will resonate with the masses.

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