Anandi made his debut as a heroine in the tamil film industry through the film. Later, they began to call him Gayal anandi because he became famous by playing the role of Gayal. Subsequently, he got married in 2021, selecting films with a different storyline, such as Sandhiweeran, trisha Illana Nayanthara, Investigation and Periyarum Perumal.

He fell in love with Socrates and got married. Socrates has worked as an assistant director in films such as Alauddin's amazing camera and Agni wings, directed by Naveen, director of Moodar Hall. The couple also has a baby boy named Plato. Gayal Anandi, who has come back to act after the birth of the baby, has been interviewing her son for the first time.

In it, he said: “Every day I see my son, Happia. Everyday something is a new thing. If I go to the shoot I will miss him very much. As he started talking now, as soon as I went home, he would come and tell me to tell me. I went to the shoot until I was Delivery. I attended shooting until the 8th month of pregnancy.

My parents and my husband looked at me well during the pregnancy. C -sex is not normal delivery for me. So I could not take care of him for the first 3 days after the baby was born. My husband was a mother. I feel so lucky that Plato has got me a son, ”Anandi said with a boom.

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