Anupama will come to india from America...

Everything is going to go wrong again in the tv serial Anupama. On one hand, Anupama is upset to see her husband Anuj marrying someone else, while now Vanraj is going to do something after which Anupama will be forced to leave America and go to India. A tremendous twist is going to be seen in the show. Let us tell you what the audience will get to see in this.

Vanraj returned to india with the Shah family

Till now you have seen how Vanraj has fooled the entire family and brought them back to India. While living in America, Vanraj discovered that his purpose could not be fulfilled while Anupama was with him. In such a situation, he has brought everyone to India. He has come to America with the promise of Dimpy and Titu's marriage to Vanraj, but as soon as he comes to india, he will reverse his plan.

Vanraj will play a new trick

As soon as Vanraj reaches india, he will start trying to stop the marriage of Dimpy and Titu. In such a situation, Dimpy's fight to marry Titu will become more difficult. In such a situation Dimpy will be left alone. According to media reports, after being alone and knowing Vanraj's motive, Dimpy will ask Anupama to come to india to help her.

Anupama will come to india to help Dimpy

According to the report, Dimpy will come to know that Vanraj is getting married to someone else. On one hand, the Shah family will get to know the news of shruti getting shot and on the other hand Vanraj will give them another shock that he is introducing Dimpy to meet some boy. Dimpy will get upset after hearing this and will tell everything to Anupama.

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