Childhood spent in poverty, now earns 40-50 lakhs in a day!!!

There have been many such stars in Bhojpuri cinema, whose magic is very popular among the fans. people are desperate to see them, to have a glimpse of them. There is one such star in Bhojpuri cinema, who has achieved the position he is on after a lot of struggle. But today he is ruling the Bhojpuri world. Let us tell you about him.

He worked hard to earn a name

The name of this star who rules the world of Bhojpuri cinema is Pawan Singh. Pawan Singh needs no introduction today. He has worked in many films and music videos in his career. He has such a big name in the Bhojpuri film industry, but he has worked hard to reach here. The actor started singing since childhood and after coming to the Bhojpuri industry, he kept on singing only for about two years.

Childhood spent in extreme poverty

Today, people love to listen to Pawan Singh's songs, and they are also heard abroad. His song Lollipop Lagelu is famous abroad as well. Pawan Singh's childhood was spent in extreme poverty and he had to struggle a lot for two meals. He started singing at a very young age to feed his family. Pawan Singh used to go and sing in gatherings with his uncle. When he would fall asleep due to sleep, he would be woken up by pouring water on him.

When he stole money from brother's purse?

During an interview, Pawan Singh, while referring to his struggle phase, had told that once he had stolen 10 rupees from his brother's purse. That day his brother had beaten him up badly. Pawan Singh, who used to travel by bicycle once, is today the owner of expensive cars.

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