So, at the 2024 Tony Awards, the celestial being known as Angelina Jolie descended upon the David H. Koch theater in a gown that would make Versace weep with joy. Picture this: a custom light-teal velvet masterpiece, hugging her curves and featuring a neckline so sweet, it probably apologized for looking so good. But wait, what's this? Rumor has it, hidden amidst the folds of perfection, a tiny bird tattoo dared to make a cameo.

Yes, this minuscule avian masterpiece, said to resemble a sparrow, took flight under the radar until 'People' magazine blew the lid off this riveting discovery. Apparently, it wasn't spotted in april when Jolie and her offspring graced the opening night of 'The Outsiders'. Oh, and let's not forget her coordinating velvet shrug, because why wear just one luxurious fabric when you can double down on velvet?

And in the midst of this glamour, her 15-year-old daughter Vivienne, officially credited as a producer assistant (yes, at 15!), strutted alongside her, proving that talent runs in the family faster than rumors about tattoos at award shows. Ah, Hollywood. Where even the tiniest ink is news, and every gown is a headline waiting to happen.

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