Anupam Kher office Burglary Case: mumbai police Arrests 2 Men For Stealing Film Negatives And Cash

Police arrested 2 men responsible for stealing Rs 4.15 lakh cash at actor Anupam Kher’s office in Mumbai.

The Oshiwara police station in Mumbai has made a major development in the manhunt for the two suspects they believe were responsible for stealing from actor Anupam Kher's office on Veera Desai Road in Andheri West. Mohammad Daler Bahrim Khan and Majid Sheikh were apprehended in the Jogeshwari region. Both of them are serial robbers who use auto-rickshaws to commit crimes all over the city, according to the police.

Anupam Kher was the victim of a traumatic robbery on Thursday. He detailed his story on social media, explaining how robbers broke into his workplace in Veera Desai, Mumbai. The fact that they managed to escape with both a substantial quantity of cash and irreplaceable film negatives is shocking. 

Police said that overnight, robbers broke into Anupam Kher's workplace and stole goods and cash worth around 4.15 lakh rupees. "Two thieves were involved in the crime,Anupam Kher said on instagram earlier, expanding on the facts of the event. They gained access to the accounts department via two separate entrances. In addition, they stole a crate containing the company's film negatives.

The offender is being charged with house-breaking and stealing under sections 454, 457, and 380 of the indian Penal Code (IPC). The authorities have launched a comprehensive inquiry into the issue.

Anupam Kher filed an FIR

Anupam Kher went on to say that his office had immediately filed a First Information Report (FIR). The actor shared, “Last night in my Veera Desai Road office two thieves broke two doors and stole the entire safe from the accounts department (which they probably couldn’t break) and the negatives of a film produced by our company which was in a box. Our office has filed an FIR,” translated by news 18.

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