Karan Johar: 'My father deserved a better son', Karan's pain spilled, said- I was different from the rest of the boys in school

Karan Johar is a famous bollywood film director, producer, writer, costume designer, actor and tv host. He is the son of Roohi Johar and yash Johar. He is also the owner of dharma productions Company. However, karan had to go through many struggles since childhood. Recently, in a conversation, karan said that he had to face body shaming from the age of three. Let's know what the producer has said.

Filmmaker karan johar expressed his lifelong disappointment with himself. karan said that he often felt that his parents deserved a better son. He also discussed taking public speaking classes to improve his voice, which was aimed at increasing his confidence.

Recently, in an interview, karan said, "I felt like a huge failure as a child. I felt like I was disappointing my parents. I felt like I wasn't the boy they wanted. I was made to believe that because I was different from the boys. I was different from all the other boys in my school."

Karan admitted that he kept his struggles to himself and found solace in books and movies. He recalled a traumatic moment from a competition at the age of three where he danced but was mocked by some of the attendees. "It was a talent competition and everyone was performing. I danced. I could tell some people were making fun and laughing and my mother was in the audience," he said.

Karan further added, "I remember I went home. I would close the door and cry thinking why can't I be like the other boys." In college, Karan faced a new kind of pressure to fit in and took voice modulation classes to boost his confidence.

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